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Blender/Grinder (M-F 11:00am-7:30pm & 3:00am-11:30am shifts available!)

Brampton, ON
Full Time Job Posting
Position:   Blender/Grinder/LCF
Area:     Blending/Grinding
Rate:     $18.63/hour
Number of Positions:   (4) AM & PM Shifts Available 
Qualification and Position Requirements:
Equipment & Trouble Shooting Skills:
• Assemble Grinders – set up
• Use fork to ensure all meat is out of the vat – blending operation
• Add ingredients as required – blending operation
• Bring samples to the lab – blending operation
• Push trucks to staging area
• Spread ground meat in vat
• Complete required paperwork
• Demonstrated ability to perform basic to moderate troubleshooting on equipment
• Ability to make decisions, anticipate problems and make appropriate changes
• Ability to establish priorities in their work area
• Ability to competently operate all equipment in the blending/grinding area
• Need to be able to operate a forklift and walkie
Quality & Food Safety Skills:
• Thorough, accurate, and neat completion of forms for HACCP & Quality Assurance (including bringing product to the lab for testing)
• Product quality checks against customer and internal specifications
• Ability to maintain cleanliness of areas of responsibility
Health and Safety:
• Demonstrated ability to wear proper PPE and comply with safety requirements
• Lifting, bending, pushing and pulling up to 70 lbs
• Overhead reaching, gripping with both hands
• Prolonged standing
• Climbing stairs
Communication, Cooperation & Continuous Improvement Skills:
• Ability to read, write and communicate in English
• Positive interaction and information sharing with Associates and Salaried Team
• Active participation in Work Group meetings
• Ability to obtain pertinent information, evaluate information objectively and explore alternative solutions to problems and improved ways of completing job tasks
• Willing to try new things and assume additional responsibilities
• Cross-shift communication
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