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Afternoons - Prep Room

Guelph, ON · General Labor
Qualification and Position Requirements:
This position requires the individual to retrieve and prepare all of the materials for production scheduled on the line(s).  This individual will bring required products to the line, assist with servicing the line and replenish products as required.
Equipment & Trouble Shooting Skills:
·         Set up; start up, inspection, operation, and shutdown of all related equipment for efficient and safe operation (pre-start audits, wiping down equipment and tubs with alcohol, set-up appropriate ingredients into tubs and locations)
·         Must acquire certification for pump cart and motorized walkie
·         Will be required to operate Baler and Compactor  
·         Able to competently operate and monitor mechanical controls on equipment
·         Recognize and troubleshoot mechanical and production issues and communicate problems to lead hand, supervisor and/or maintenance (i.e.; product changeovers)
·         Other duties as assigned
Quality & Food Safety Skills:
·         Thorough, accurate, and neat completion of forms for HACCP & Quality Assurance (including lot control for traceability, production reporting)
·         Visual quality checks of product against customer and internal specifications (including foreign materials, metal detection checks, seal checks and program settings.  Operate MOCON gas analyzer & ensure correct labels and products are applied to finished products, assist in tempering required meat products)
·         Gas check to be performed hourly
·         Will be performing X-Ray verification checks
·         Maintain cleanliness of areas of responsibility, removes waste and garbage from the area
·         Adhere to individual Product Standard Operating Procedures for components and packaging materials
·         Rework and inedible procedures
Health and Safety:
·         Demonstrated ability to wear proper PPE and comply with safety requirements including ensuring power is shut down on equipment prior to specified tasks (Lockout / Tagout may also be applicable)
·         Frequent twisting, bending, pulling, standing and heavy lifting are required
·         Safe use and handling of a knife
Communication, Cooperation & Continuous Improvement Skills:
·         Ability to read, write and communicate in English.
·         Ability to record and document information
·         Interact and share information with employees at all levels (Team members, Lead Hands, Supervisors, Others).  Actively participates in their work group.
·         Actively finds new and improved ways of completing tasks.  Willing to try new things and assume additional responsibilities (assists with changeovers, keeps up with line speed requirements, etc.)
·         Employees may be required to complete aptitude testing (reading comprehension, written communications, numeracy)
·         Employees will receive the necessary training and will be required to complete an evaluation prior to being eligible for the position and the higher category rate of pay
·         Please note that the start times, scope and duties of this position may change when this line is fully operational
*NOTE*: Depending on Production requirements, employees may be assigned alternate work on other lines

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